Serial Entrepreneur Re-Launches EWC Presenter As Visme, Aims To Re-Imagine The Way We Create Visual Content

08 May — Visme, the “Swiss Knife for Visual Content”, is one tool for all your visual content needs. Developed with the help of close input from over 40,000 early Beta users. Poised to make cost-effective professional. Quality visualization capabilities accessible, changing way we approach visual content. Enables motion and mobile/web friendly text to any presentation element. Drag-and-drop interface makes visual content generation easy, fast and more efficient. “Visme epitomizes everything...

February 2014

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    Easy WebContent Launches a Brand New Interface to Easily Visualize Ideas to Engaging Content

    February 4th, 2014 - Maryland based start-up Easy WebContent today announced the release of a major upgrade of its cloud based Visual content creation tool EWC Presenter, that allows anyone to more easily turn ideas into visual content right in their browser. Rather than depending on multiple applications each with their own learning curve, Presenter brings together all the tools in one place thereby streamlining the process so users can more efficiently create and publish virtually any type...

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September 2013

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    EWC Presenter is the Swiss Knife for Creating Visual Content

    From Presentations to Infographics, animations and everything in between, EWC Presenter simplifies the content creation process by consolidating difficult to use software with just one application. The shuffling between applications that have their own particular ways of doing things reduces productivity and increases friction in creativity. With one application the creation process is both simplified and streamlined while easily translated across both web and mobile devices.

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