EWC Presenter is the Swiss Knife for Creating Visual Content

One platform to create engaging content; from Presentations to Infographics and everything in between.

From Presentations to Infographics, animations and everything in between, EWC Presenter simplifies the content creation process by consolidating difficult to use software with just one application. The shuffling between applications that have their own particular ways of doing things reduces productivity and increases friction in creativity. With one application the creation process is both simplified and streamlined while easily translated across both web and mobile devices.

Easy WebContent, a cloud-based software company that provides easy-to-use design and content editing tools, showcases it's latest web application Presenter at The Next Web Conference in New York on October 2nd, 2013.  

Over the last 18 months, EWC Presenter has grown from a small in-house side project as today's Flash replacement into a powerful easy to use free web application that is being adopted by a variety of users including students and educators from Europe to North America, small businesses and non profits who want to enhance the way they visualize their thoughts and ideas and transform them to interactive and engaging content.    

Since it's Beta release in Spring of this year, EWC Presenter has undergone regular upgrades and refinements thanks to user feedback and the team's dedication to listen and consolidate requests to new features and improvements.

New features have included:

  • Integration of both a simple (basic) Animation engine as well as Advanced timeline for intermediate and advance designers.
  • Launch of thousands of free Vector based SVG icons and Eye Candy graphics
  • Integration with Flikr's extended library of creative commons images
  • Ability to publish presentations directly to SlideShare 
  • Banner engine to create animated banners supporting all standard sizes 
  • New infograph widgets for visualizing data into visual cues
  • Dynamic text to create interactive text content in matter of seconds

Users with little to no experience with presentation and design tools can sign-up for a free account and create simple or interactive HTML5 based presentations, animations, infographics, presumes, and banners using simple drag and drop features and customize each to fit their needs.  The published content can be shared as a link across any social network, embed to any website or blog to compliment and enhance existing content or even downloaded as an image or PDF formats for use offline. 

A full trial of EWC Presenter is available at http://www.ewcPresenter.com/. The Public Beta is open throughout the fall.  The product will remain free to everyone with a set of new features with the addition of premium plans to follow by early next year. 

About Easy WebContent
Based out of the Washington D.C. metro area, Easy WebContent makes Do It Yourself tools that empower novices and experienced designers alike to make stunning, professional-looking websites, online presentations and other types of visual content from any standard web browser.

Easy WebContent is a collaborative effort of professional web designers and developers at HindSite Interactive, Inc., an award winning Web consulting company providing custom website solutions to businesses and organizations since 2001.

"There is a large degree of segmentation in the content creation process. Users often have to depend on multiple applications each with their own learning curve and limited in the type and format of content that is created. EWC Presenter solves this problem by serving as one easy intuitive platform for majority of your visual content needs." Payman Taei, Founder Easy WebContent
About Easy WebContent

Founded in 2008, Easy WebContent started as a simple HTML Editor and Site Builder allowing anyone to create professional content online through any browser.  The Do It Yourself tools has empowered tens of thousands of site owners to take charge of their website and bypass the needs for expensive web masters and web designers.

in 2013 Easy WebContent launched Beta version of Visme (formerly called Presenter), a game changing all-in-one online tool that allows anyone to visualize their ideas into professional engaging content that displays on all devices.  From Presentations to Infographics, animations and everything in between EWC Presenter simplifies the content creation process by consolidating difficult to use content creation software with just one application.   

Visme is on the verge of becoming the "Swiss Knife of Visual Content".